Hello Citizens of The Verse

Welcome to The CREW!

This is where we can discuss missions, ships, potential bounties, the Star Citizen Universe or whatever.

22 thoughts on “Hello Citizens of The Verse

  1. Hey guys,

    Email will be coming out soon with a couple of meeting dates/time for a teamspeak get together…since our roster is full doing another one of these sounds like a good idea.

  2. Just wanted to say Hi and I would be interested in a small Group of good people I feel The Verse will lend it self much better to to a mobile group of 20 people better than a large fractured group

  3. hey guys thought i was over due a post on here,
    really looking forward too the ts meeting and getting too know all of you guys a little better and who knows perhaps getting a few plans afoot,
    anyway just thought id say hi

  4. So I think im gonna start up an excel sheet for the economy aspect of the game, help us track the market better, if you look over the jump point issues they have descriptions if landing zones and what they buy and sell and some sort of a number system (buys slaves +2) I mean we will know later on how it works but I think its a good idea to be organized and on point with money, trade prices ect.

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