About The CREW

The CREW idea quickly expanded to be much more than just a ship’s “crew”…Star Citizen has so many wonderful ships that require a crew. We are a small group of trusted and aligned like minded individuals traveling and exploring through the Verse.

When you think of a crew, not just a ship’s crew…but any close knit group of fairly like minded individuals, that will follow each other to the gates of hell if need be – And not because we all have the same belief system…but because we are all individually a part of The CREW!

Guild Size

20-30 active players. Although if you have searched us out gives us a shout and tell us about you, you never know. Membership in The CREW will be for life, unless you leave on your own volition. Whatever your situation demands, you will never be removed from The CREW. Want to belong to other organizations? That’s not a problem either.

Guild Ranks, Roles & Organization

Ranks are ineffective! In The CREW, you’re either a recruit or a full member, end of story. There will be no assigning of a specific role to someone. Find what you like…and do that. You will never be required to be a “gunner” all the time…we can dynamically assign roles based on the particular mission we undertake (this even includes being in command of the mission).

Guild Charter, Mission Statement & other philosophical crap?

Fuck all that!! The CREW’s main goal is profit, and whatever it takes for more profit. We may not have the biggest fleet, control the most jump points or have the biggest ship or base, but our Guild Bank account will be flush. We will be admired, we will be respected, and We Will be Feared!

Mainly, The CREW should be looked at as “logistics providers” for the Grey & Black Markets. Smuggling, Piracy, we are independent contractors for hire to do anything and everything. Pirates need their weapons & their Rum and the UEE Citizen Junkies need their Stims, The CREW will provide to both – to ALL!

Star Citizen will be more fun when you are with a group of like-minded individuals, but sometimes you may want to just get away and lone-wolf for a while. No problem. And remember, you can always call on your other CREW members for support if needed.

Guild Code of Ethics

Do Not Kill Each Other. PERIOD! Want to kill, enslave, mummify, water-board, or whatever to a non-member of The CREW?…Lets Get Started!

Ready to Travel and Explore the Verse?


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